Best Places to eat in Temecula CA

Well renowned for its magnificence, Temecula CA is a destination with plenty of hillside vineyards and pristine golf courses. It has also made a name for itself not only for the vast selection of wine, but also for its amazing inns, welcoming spirit, and up-and-coming culinary scene. The city hosts several cafes and casual eateries, including the celebrated Goat and Vine. Check out this article by a Temecula CA Chiropractor!

The Goat & Vine In Temecula CA

The Goat & Vine is an eatery at the heart of Temecula CA that serves dinner and lunch in a cozy, pleasant setting. It is tucked away behind a doorway with gigantic columns with small patios for alfresco dining. Besides, its desire to offer exceptional experience extends into the comfy and classy dining room, where the century-old design blends with a bit of rural-whimsy to create a playful and easing atmosphere for everyone.

The Goat & Vine, food is more than nourishment; it is their ultimate expression of love. They pour their hearts and soul into everything that comes out of their kitchen. The culinary perspective is shaped by a genuine commitment to serve food that creates unforgettable memories and unites people.

The Goat & Vine believe that food should be healthy, honest, and created with the utmost integrity. Therefore, they use fresh ingredients and have a passion for creating rustic, real food. All the dishes are made from scratch right in the stone hearth kitchen. All the tenets of California cuisines are on full display in the Goat and Vine. The restaurant knows how to do elevated comfort foods right. It boasts a wide range of dishes, including:

Entrees - this entails charcuterie board, a-three different types of meat, and cheeses with candied walnuts, grape clusters and other fresh ingredients. It also includes Goat’s Garden a mouthwatering Goat and Vine specialty.

Pizzas - The Goat & Vine is known for its delicious pizzas. All pizzas are 14” and are made with mozzarella cheese and parmesan. The different pizzas available on the menu include the Mediterranean chicken, butcher shop, the Goat, the Favorite, the Purist, Jalapeno Lime Carnitas, Thailand, and Steak Gorgonzola.

Salads - from seasoned greens, crisp romaine lettuce, yellow and red grape tomatoes, green onions, pepperoncini, to the champagne vinaigrette, the salads at The Goat & Vine are simply exotic. On the menu, you will find the Greek, Real Caesar, Popeye and Olive Oil, the Brewhouse Blue Cheese, and the perfect side salad.

The Cold Sandwiches - when you decide to taste the cold sandwiches at The Goat & Vine, you will be served with the Favorite turkey, BLTA, chicken salad sandwich, the Whole Garden, or the Bakeshop.

Hot Sandwiches - order the Mother’s Meatballs, Roast Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt, or the Hot Pretzels and your taste buds with thank you. Other amazing hot sandwiches include the Hummus plate, Mushroom Melt, and Pulled Pork among others.

Note - The Goat & Vine boast an extensive list of casual wines, brews on tap, craft beers, and high-end spirits that you can enjoy with their cuisines.

A visit to Temecula CA presents a full culinary delight of choices for the foodie in all of us. Even so, your visit isn’t complete without a taste of the delicacies at The Goat & Vine. Here you will enjoy the various dining options - from the inventive salads, housemade meatball dishes, to delectable pizzas.